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Trunk Bay Beach, St John snorkeling

Snorkeling Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay Beach food drink concessionsOne of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean is Trunk Bay, St John. Jewel of the US Virgin Islands National Park on St John. Made famous by every visitor that took a selfie and shared their photo on social media. And the beach deserves it’s reputation – boasting white sand and stunning aqua blue water and a thick hedge of Seagrapes and palm tree lining the high water mark. Visitors will appreciate the food, drink, chair and snorkel gear rental concessions.

Trunk Bay Underwater Snorkeling Trail

What many people don’t know is that Trunk Bay Beach is also a great place to snorkel. In fact, the National Park has an Underwater Snorkeling Trail leading visitors and identifying marine life. Start at the closest point from the beach to Trunk Cay. From there snorkel out along the western side (left as you face the water) where you’ll pick up the first underwater marker. From there you’ll follow the markers along a shallow water reef that runs about 650′ in roughly 8′ to 10′ of water.

What will you see?

Keep your eyes open and you’ll likely see a large variety of corals and fish. Some of the most common fish are members of the Surgeon / Tang family and include Atlantic Blue Tangs as well as members of the parrotfish family which includes Stoplight Parrotfish and the beautiful Queen Parrotfish. You will also see very “friendly” Yellowtails. Unfortunately, people feed them and they’ve grown bold. Among the corals you’ll see are bright yellowish Mustard Hill Corals, Star corals, Elkhorn as well as swaying gorgonians of golden yellow and purple. We encourage you to take your time. Really look below you. That is when you’ll discover the most things!

A Few Don’ts

Please do not feed the fish. Their health depends on consuming foods in their natural diet.

Do not stand on coral. It might sound obvious, but countless visitors have stood upon the shallow water corals to the point where many of them are gone! Help reduce your impact on these fragile reefs by respecting them.

Reef Safe Sunscreens. The US Virgin Islands banned non reef safe sunscreens to protect the marine life and reefs that surround the islands. Not sure what brands are reef safe? Local retailers carry a wide range of compliant products.

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