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Love City Hard Seltzers from St John Brewers US Virgin Islands

Love City Premium Hard Seltzers

Our friends at St John Brewers have a tasty surprise waiting for your next visit!

If you know us, you know we love our craft. You also know we love a challenge. So, about a year ago, we embarked on a crazy journey to create the perfect hard seltzer line right here on our island of St. John, affectionately known as “Love City.” We poured our heart and soul into this whole process, from flavor profiling and ingredients to branding and packaging, not to mention navigating logistics in these unpredictable times. We are so thrilled to finally be able to share the LOVE! – Kevin & Chirag

Kevin Chipman and Chirag Vyas are best known for their locally brewed lineup of craft beers, sodas and Green Flash energy drink. But the former physical therapist and former NASA scientist just released 4 mouthwatering flavored hard seltzers.

  • Love City Hard Seltzers come in these flavors –  Watermelon Dragon Fruit, Mango Mandarin, Hibiscus Pomegranate, and Passion Fruit.
  • Sold exclusively in the US Virgin Islands.
  • Look for the colorful cans in your favorite market, resort, bars and restaurants.
  • Sure to become an island favorite!
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